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BuyLocal.PH is platform to help small local business go online and connect them to customers digitally.

We want to help take businesses online and bring customer service to a whole new level – connecting to customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device!

Tech: Python, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design

Philippines. Ecommerce.

Fruit Street

We have partnered with Fruit Street, an online telemedicine platform, to deliver them a scheduling module on the web that makes it easier for their customers to sign up for classes easily and get started with their health program.

We have also developed for them a companion Dietitian Mobile app to let coaches claim and teach classes.

Tech: PHP, Laravel, React JS, MySQL, React Native, Swift

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design

USA. Healthcare.


CovidMD is a new telemedicine service launching in April 2020 to assist patients across the U.S. with medical issues or concerns related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed to help keep people and healthcare providers safe during this public health crisis, CovidMD will offer a risk assessment, personalized guidance on what to do next and the option to connect with a doctor via a live video chat for an online telemedicine appointment.

USA. Design and Engineering.


Partnered with an international company and worked on a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets users easily manage an online wallet and buy goods and services with heir currency of choice.

Tech: Python, Django, Django Forms, React JS, PostgreSQL

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design

Japan. Trading. Cryptocurrency.

Operations Software

We have partnered with a retail company to create a custom operations software to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Tech: Python, Django, Django Forms, React JS, PostgreSQL, KNIME

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design

Philippines. Operations. Management.

Story Academy

Story Academy is an interactive online storybook creator for children that takes them aboard a digital travel experience.

The project aims to introduce new countries and cultures through a new adventures. Parents can choose to buy a physical copy of the book and enjoy it with their children.

Tech: Django, PostgreSQL, Shopify API

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design

USA. Education.

The Asset

The Asset Publishing and Research Ltd. has been serving an elite financial community is Asia since 1999. To expand their digital reach, they partnered with Ingenuity in building the right mobile app to complement their existing website. Through the app, The Asset aims to widen their network to tech-savvy users.

Tech: Objective C, Java

Hong Kong SAR. Finance.


iKomiks provides a platform for Filipino comic artists to showcase and sell their work.

The project consists of two different platforms: a web app where authors can upload their work, and a mobile app where readers can check out and explore the online library.

Tech: Django, Python, Objective C, Java

Design/UX: Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Philippines. Entertainment.

Davao ICON

Now on its 5th year, the Davao Investment Conference 2019, the city’s biggest investment expo, partnered with Ingenuity to come up with Davao City’s first ever Conference Engagement website and mobile app.

The Davao Icon app is capable of Business-to-Business Matching, a News Feed to update participants in real-time, a schedule of events and speaker profiles where participants can download keynote presentations.

Tech: Python, Django, React Native, Pub Nub

Philippines. Business, Events, Networking.


Tamagogo is a mobile game that lets you play as a monster trying to escape hero invaders.

  • Easy to play, difficult to master gameplay
  • Single Tap Controls – perfect for thos pick-up-and-play moments
  • Leaderboards – see if you are the greatest eggscapist among your friends

Tech: Unity 3D, NodeCanvass, C#, CorelDraw

Design/UX: CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop

Philippines. Games.


Mayari is a mystery-adventure game set in a fantastical version of South-East Asia. You see through the eyes of Mayari, a girl entrusted with an inescapable destiny. You guide her through the story of her village and their devotion to their goddess Idayen.

  • Easy to play, difficult to master gameplay
  • Single Tap Controls – perfect for thos pick-up-and-play moments
  • Leaderboards – see if you are the greatest eggscapist among your friends

Tech: Unity 3D, NodeCanvass, C#

Design/UX: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Spine

Philippines. Games.


Engage is an online platform that allows peer to evaluate and recognize outstanding performance with tangible rewards.

Tech: Titanium, Microsoft Azure, Django, Python, PostgreSQL

Design/UX: Adobe Photoshop

Philippines. Human Resources, Business.

Custom White-Label Software Development.